Bristow Tree Services


Bristow Tree Services

Throughout the great state of Texas and for nearly two decades, Bristow Tree Services has been offering professional, comprehensive tree care services for any yard or property! Each of our team members is certified and experienced arborists that have all of the knowledge and expertise needed to handle your next project. 

We’re also licensed and insured so both our team and your investment are well protected. Our team is our best asset and as such we offer competitive pay and excellent benefits. You and your project will reap the benefits as our team is motivated to provide the best in customer satisfaction and customer care! 

Our team offers residential, commercial, and industrial tree services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety for our team and your property with every job. 

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Message From The Owner:

Greetings!  I’m Wayne, a good ol’ Virginian that isn’t scared to cut down a tree, or two, or tree. See what I did there. I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy who prefers a handshake over a written contract.  I make an honest living to support my family by providing the best tree care services possible, and I love it.  I’ve been taking care of trees for over 17 years, so I’ve seen it all and done it all when it comes to trees in the Lover’s State. Tree care is important.

But enough about me, you need some tree services.

Call if you need help with anything tree related at your home or business that involves tree trimming, removals, stump removals, stump grinding, mulching, tree planting, cutting, pruning, tree services, tree assessments, tree injections, tree fertilizing, arborist services, emergency tree removals, tree work requiring a crane, landing clearing, tree cutting, removing a fallen tree off your house, tree stump removal… get the idea.

Our crews are guilty of excellent customer service, honesty, and having smiles on our sappy faces. We love repeat customers and referrals, and we’re ready to earn your repeat business. Alexandria + Arlington & Fairfax counties are the areas we can service the fastest.

Call for a free quote or if you have a question about your trees, we’d be happy to tell you what we know. Always trust an experienced tree service professional to work on your trees.

May the forest be with you!



Tree Services We Offer:

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Land Clearing Services

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Stump Removal

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Tree Removal

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Trimming and Pruning Services

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Trimming and pruning services for your property have multiple benefits for you and your trees! In addition to cleaning up the view and making things more visually pleasing, trimming and pruning services also help increase the safety of your property. Our team knows exactly how and where to cut and trim trees to keep them growing well and your property clean and safe! 


Trees can run into more issues than just broken branches! If your trees are dealing with fungi, bugs, root rot, or other issues, we can be sure to contain the problem and even reverse it in some cases. We’ll have your trees growing and looking healthy in no time. 

Tree Removal Services

Unstable trees and limbs on your property can make things unsteady and unsafe for everyone. We can do everything necessary to safely remove the trees and limbs from your property including secure crane removal and land clearing. 


We don’t just remove trees! We’re experts at knowing what a tree needs to sustain growth and remain healthy. Before we do any transplanting we take a close look at the soil around your tree so we can give you a tailored and long-term solution for your property. 

Emergency Tree Services

You never plan on a tree falling during a storm or a branch breaking loose and blocking your driveway but it happens often! When emergencies happen, give us a call! Getting a professional team on the job as soon as possible will keep your home and property safe and clean. We’ll start with a free consultation and create a solution that suits your needs! 

Tree Care in Bristow

Every situation, yard, property, and customer is unique! We focus on bringing you customized solutions that are accomplished on time. Each of our team members are professionals and are easy to talk to, walking you through the process step-by-step so you’re always in the loop. 

For all of our tree services, we use industry leading equipment like cranes, cherry-pickers, bucket loaders and chainsaws. No matter the size of the job, big or small, our tree service contractors follow standard protocols that give our business excellent consistency across jobs. 

Before we start a job, we make sure to sit down with you and listen to your input on the project! If you choose not to have us use heavy equipment or want other types of accommodations, we’ll be sure to create a solution to your landscaping needs that will fit your needs. 

Our company is all about creating solutions that fit you and your needs. This means we start by listening to what you want and need, make sure our team members are licensed and inusred, and offer total transparency with our prices and services. All of our services are customized so our services fit only what you require. We won’t sell you a high priced package when all you need is some tree trimming! 

Whatever your project, we can create a solution that will fit your needs and your budget! All of our team members function with the highest level of professionalism so your tree services project in Bristow is completed on time and on budget! 

Tree Care and Maintenance Services in Bristow

Trees make for a lovely background but they can become a hazard if not cared for correctly. Instead of undertaking this as a DIY project, call the professionals at Bristow Tree Services! 

Tree Removal

Take care of your property by investing in tree removal services to get rid of old bothersome trees as well as dead branches that might be a safety hazard or just not look good anymore. Dead or decaying trees can quickly become dangerous and leave dead leaves all over your property which mean you’ll spend your precious Saturdays raking them up. Let us take care of the problem for you! 

Trees with internal decay have a weaker structure that might lead to cracks as well as pest infestation and diseases. These trees are a nuisance and an obstacle that can be easily be removed by our team of professionals. 

The first thing we do is assess the area around the problem tree and give you the appropriate advice for removal. Removing big trees is a complicated process and requires detailed planning from a team of professionals. Our work doesn’t stop when we simply remove the tree! We remove the tree, protect your property throughout the process, and make sure to clean up when we’re all done. 

We care about your employees, family, and friend and using the heavy equipment we need around your home and property can be a danger. We start by clearing the site and then leave it neat and presentable when we’re finished. Whether we need to use heavy equipment or make sure that our work doesn’t disrupt your business, we’ll get the job done in no time! 

Tree Trimming

Keeping your trees trimmed and neat is the best way to prevent a disaster later! But don’t waste your Saturday out in the yard with a saw or chainsaw, call the best tree trimming contractors in Bristow and clean up your yard in no time and under budget 

All of the rates for our tree trimming services are extremely competitive which means you get a great deal for your property and yard. Let us take on the risk and make sure we get the job done right! Don’t leave branches hanging or let your trees become stunted, our tree trimming services help keep your trees healthy and looking great. 

Your yard is a balanced ecosystem and trimming up your trees periodically is the best way to keep everything looking great and in sync. Trimming them up occasionally is the best way to keep them looking great and everything free from broken branches and insect infestations. We start by reviewing the area and the task at hand then give you the best options at the most affordable price.  

To get your trees looking their best, we may need to use heavy equipment. Our team uses all the safety gear necessary to ensure that everything is safe and that our equipment will work with your property. We operate using a ground crew which gives us spotters for the tree technicians so your home is always safe from damage. This same crew then cleans up the ground when we’re done trimming so you can enjoy your property again. 

During this process the safety of you and your property are our biggest concerns. We strive to bring you the highest quality work and if you’re  not satisfied with what we’ve done, we’ll re-prune the tree until you’re happy with the results! 

Stump Grinding

Maybe you’ve already removed the entire tree but you’re left with a bulky stump that just sticks out like a sore thumb. Rather than just leave it and deal with it, our stump grinding services can remove it and leave you with a great looking yard in no time! 

Just like with every project we undertake, we start by assessing the area and the problem at hand then recommend the appropriate equipment, timetable, and budget for your property and home. One of the main reasons that stumps are removed is because of overgrown root balls. Pulling the stump and root balls out of the ground is sure to leave a massive hole but our tree services contractors cover it and make sure that your home’ curb appeal stays intact! 

For most of our stump removal projects we use a grinding approach which can be tedious. Our teams grind down the stump into small pieces and then dig out the roots. The small pieces of stump that we’ve ground up are then used to fill the hole, cover it all with sawdust, and then top it off with earth. The buried stump will then decay and add nutrients back to the ground to nourish other plants that my grow in that spot. 

Sometimes it can be hard to determine the best method for removing a tree stump anywhere on your property. When that’s the case, let our tree service contractors help you narrow down your choices! 

Stump grinding is one of the most eco-friendly choices for your property as the resulting debris can be used as mulch or firewood as well as cover over the hole the stump leaves. Once we’re done grinding the stump away, we’ll also clean up the entire area as well as offer up information on how to repurpose the debris. 

Tree stumps are rarely ideal yard décor so let our team get rid of that unsightly stump! We’ll provide you with an accurate assessment of your needs so you can budget and plan accordingly with Bristow Tree Services. Call us today for a free consultation! 

Emergency Tree Damage

When a big storm blows up in Bristow, its sure to bring down a tree or limb. These downed limbs and trees can cause damage to your home or your family if left untended but have no fear, our team of professionals is here! 

All of our emergency tree services are available any time, any day, even during the weekends! Trees that threaten your property and home by leaning or cracking during a storm or accident can be quickly and expertly removed to keep you safe. 

Each team dispatched to your property on an emergency call seeks to restore your property to it’s former glory while keeping everyone safe. With our resources and professional contractors, we have the ability to work around the clock, rain, sleet, or shine, to make sure that any dangerous trees or branches are dealt with quickly! 

The first thing we do is take time to assess the situation and determine the extent of the damage and the scope of the project. Next, we discuss the options with all of our clients before we begin work on your property and project. 

We work around the clock to provide you with the best, most professional services available! Our teams are ready and waiting to respond in a timely manner to your concerns and make sure you’re satisfied with the results we produce. 

Land and Lot Clearing

Whether you’ve got a larger or small place to clear, we can cater to any commercial, residential, or industrial projects! 

Commercial land development and clearing requires a careful touch so that things are done correctly when it comes to zoning and legal matters. We work with all types and styles of property developers so we can easily advise you on the best options for clearing your lot or land for development. Our teams work with you to make sure all paperwork and required standards are fulfilled! 

All of our quotes are based on the extent of the work involved and the equipment we need to use to complete the project. Upon agreeing to our services, you don’t have to sign anything if the prices end up going higher than your budget. 

The first thing we do, like so many of our projects, is assess and survey your property before explaining the process that we believe will be the best approach to your project. Bristow Tree Services has the expertise and resources to make sure we account for all of your concerns and preferences when undertaking your project. 

Depending on your circumstances, we can accommodate the budget for smaller jobs. If it becomes necessary, we’ll bring in heavy equipment but in many cases we try to avoid the big machinery. This means we won’t end up damaging your vegetation or landscaping while doing the land clearing. 

We don’t neglect your trees though! Our dedicated and experienced arborists understand and cherish your trees and vegetation and they assess it from every angle so we can provide the best solution to your land clearing project. We value our customer satisfaction and we do everything from the initial assessment to the final clean-up so you’ll be happy with the final result! 

In and around Bristow, Bristow Tree Services is known as the best tree care and maintenance service provider and we work hard to keep that opinion intact! If you need your property clearing done by an experienced team at an affordable price, give us a call! 



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