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Stump Removal Services

Stump Removal Services

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A tree is one problem but once the leafy greens are gone, the stump can continue to be an issue on your property and around your home. Our team is trained and equipped to handle any stump removals in Bristow including overgrown trees, stumps that are scattered around your property, and any other issues that may arise. 

Before we ever start grinding the stump down, we chop down and remove the tree and you have the choice of leaving the root system in the ground or having us remove it. If you don’t remove this stump right away, the tree can start growing again which means another round of tree and stump removal! 

Rather than rely on your own tools and your know-how, it’s recommended that you find a team of stump removal contractors like our licensed and professional team at Bristow Tree Services to ensure the job is done right! Working with a professional team will make sure that the job is done correctly and that everyone involved is safe. 

We utilize a stump grinding process that is safe and highly effective at removing stumps from your property. Some large trees often have aged roots in the ground and they can be tough to remove. In order to get the job done right, give our team in Bristow a call! 

Stump Grinding

The old days of mules pulling stumps somewhere in the wilderness are long behind us! These days, tree service contractors like Bristow Tree Services use stump grinding to turn the stump into mulch through a grinding process. 

A wheel goes through the stump bit by bit and rips it into mulch. We use high-end, state of the art equipment that does the job right every time we set out to clear your property! 


With each project, our specialists take time to look and assess how far the roots of the tree go, what type of tree it is, and the terrain surrounding the stump. All of these pieces of information feed into the process that we use to complete your stump grinding project. 

Some trees will have deeper roots and will end up being a much tougher project for our team. Regardless of whether it’s a simple or difficult project, we work through the stump slowly and efficiently to ensure that its done correctly. 

As we work through your project, debris is going to spread through the area so we prep the area and protect everything nearby including property close to the tree. As part of this protection process, we make sure there are no cables running under the area and connected to other properties. 

Next Steps

To complete the stump removal process we dig a few inches into the ground which removes the external roots without damaging surrounding plants. We also clean up the entire area and make sure it’s all looking the way it should when we leave! 

Why Choose Us

Our team is licensed and insured to work in the area and we take pride in being one of the best companies in the Bristow area. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to each of our clients based on their needs and desires. Give us a call today to book a consultation and have your stump removal handled professionally! 



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